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Bartending Services for all your Private Events!

Our team is experienced and professional adding significant value and peace of mind to your special event or party.

Booking process:

  • Submit an Event Information quote form.
  • Place a payment (at least 50% to reserve your event).
  • Consultation for your drink menu and shopping list (phone & email).
  • Enjoy Your Event.

All Services include:

  • Drink Menu Consultation ( Via Email and Phone)
  • Customized Drink Menu printed and displayed on the bar for your guests convenience.
  • Customized Shopping List.
  • Bar tools (garnishment tray, napkin holder, shakers, cutting board, stir spoon, gloves, etc...)
  • First come first serve basis: At least 50% of your invoice must be paid to reserve your event.
  • Your event must be paid in full at least five days prior to your event.
  • Special arrangements must be made prior to the event.
  • Transportation Fee may be added for events outside of our 30 mile radius.
Date Change:
  • Any date changes are required in writing, dated, and signed.
  • You can mail or scan us the copy via email.
  • Will be subject to a date change fee of $75.
  • New date requested will be subject to availability.
  • All Cancellations are required in writing, dated, and signed, you can mail or scan us a copy via email.
  • Cancellation of an event less than 60 days prior will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the estimated price of the event.
  • No Cancellations will be accepted 30 business days prior to event date and we reserve the right to charge up to 100% of the bartending service cost.

Certified, Licensed and Insured.

Flores Bartending Services LLC is certified by TIPS, Serve Safe and Premier Food Safety.
Flores Bartending Services LLC carries a $2 million dollar insurance policy.
Flores Bartending Services LLC is a licensed company.
For All Your Private Events


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